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November 27, 2014

God Bless this special day - if you've still got our backs...

I trust that God does though the children of planet earth must be quite the challenge - often.

I am off to four internet free days of fun, food, family, love, puzzles and probably 375 football games! Said games I will endure just being grateful to be with family as I have been pretty ill and just was not sure I would be able to go - but when you are in charge of the pumpkin pies - you best get well!

To all our readers - may your day be so very blessed. To our military and their families - THANK YOU for your service to our country - for sacrificing that we at home know this day of Thanks Giving.

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November 26, 2014

Good question re Ebola vaccines

POTRBlog asked the question - "Will people WILLINGLY lineup for a live Ebola vaccination which requires BSL2 handling & drains into LymphNodes?"

The question was asked after he posted this: CDC Seeks To Use a Bio Safety Level 2 LIVE EBOLA VACCINE With Limited Intramuscular And Lymph Node Spread

The government always announces the scary stuff on Fridays and Holidays to keep it out of the News Cycle, today is no different. The Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) released a solicitation looking for companies that can formulate and fill live Ebola vaccines.

These live Ebola vaccines are dangerous enough that formulating and filling the vaccine vials "may require that these processes take place in a Biological Safety Level 2 (BSL2) facility." Continue here.

And lest we forget just how trustworthy our government is with our lives - White House vows CIA will not stage fake vaccine programs

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Head camels and WMD

First there were WMD. Then there were none. Now once again there are and we continue the game of Pop Goes The Weasel! The military industrial complex is lovin this, and anyone who thinks anything more than a fraction of this gear and weapons will go to the Iraqi or Kurdish troops needs their head examined.

Pentagon ready to supply $1.6B in chemical warfare gear to Iraqi and Kurdish forces in fight vs. ISIS

The Pentagon is sending thousands of chemical warfare suits to Peshmerga fighters and Iraqi troops in anticipation of an upcoming offense by the Islamic State terror group, which is believed to have captured old stores of weapons from Saddam Hussein's regime.

According to a report on blog War is Boring, concern that Islamic State could weaponize even old mustard, sarin and chlorine gas led the U.S. Department of Defense to provide the gear as part of a $1.6 billion request to Congress. The funding will go toward equipping three divisions each of the Iraqi Army and Kurdish brigades as well as a group of Anbari tribal fighters.

The U.S. intends to equip Iraqi and Kurdish troops with a total of 60,000 m50 gas masks and sealed JLIST body suits and nearly 300 chemical detectors to test nerve, blood and blister agents.

The money also will pay for tens of thousands of rifles, machine guns and nearly 2,000 anti-tank weapons in addition to mortars, shotguns, radios and trucks. More here.

Battlefield USA - 26 things that will cause the camels in your head to go spastic... - Or, why your government is really losing the war on ter-er-er-er.

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November 25, 2014

What #Ferguson Is Really All About (Updated)


According to racist-in-chief Barack Obama, the Ferguson situation cries out for criminal justice reform, that the situation isn't just an issue for Ferguson, this is 'an issue for America.' His AG Eric Holder, no stranger to seeing racism in virtually everything, says "This incident has sparked a national conversation about the need to ensure confidence between law enforcement and the communities they protect and serve.".

Both are about as far away from the truth than one can possibly be. The real truth is a problem of the culture of far too many black communities in America ... and their leaders ... and most especially about a series of events started not by slavery or Jim Crow, but by a young man's decision not to obey the law and the culture of a community that refuses to accept responsibility for the bad behavior of its citizens. Racial discrimination had absolutely nothing to do with 18-year-old Michael Brown's death. It was he who chose to commit a strong-arm-robbery on a convenience store before, according to the evidence presented to the grand jury, attacking a police officer in his car, grappling for his gun, running away before turning and charging the officer after repeated commands to stop and show his hands (which, contrary to the narrative of the 'community' he indeed failed to do) .

And it is that and that alone that led to his death, period. Had you or I done such a ridiculously stupid thing, we'd be dead too.

His death had absolutely nothing to do with racism or poor community/police relations.

It is, as Bob lonsberry so aptly points out, a problem of black lawlessness, not police insensitivity:

... what we were reminded of last night is that many people who happen to be black have a prejudice against the police. It is a bigotry against a profession as immoral and baseless as bigotry against a skin color, religion or sexual orientation.

That is the only explanation for some of the reaction to the decision of the St. Louis County grand jury.

Instead of basing reaction on the facts as ascertained by the investigation and grand jury decision, some people came back to their pre-existing belief that the police are racists who target blacks.

... It was not some lack of sensitivity training - which the president said Sunday afflicts all of America law enforcement. It was not some racist attitude of the police. It was the lack of civil and legal deportment by the young man in question.

And that arose at least in part, it seems logical to surmise, from this young man's upbringing in a stew of anti-police prejudice.

When the president and the pretend reverends from near and far lambaste the police, reinforcing folklore and fairy tale about a war on young black men, they encourage enmity with police, and antagonism toward them.

The kind of enmity that leads a young man to reach inside a police cruiser and begin pummeling a cop.

That's the cancer that needs to be rooted out.

Clearly, the mindset, ideology, and narrative of Barack Obama, his AG, other race baitors and race hustlers like Al Shorpton and the other 'pretend reverends' like him couldn't possibly be more wrong. It is they, and liberal progressives like them, that are the racists among us. As Lonsberry goes on to so fittingly note, a young man initiated a violent attack against a police officer. He grappled for the officer's gun, he charged the officer and refused to show his hands ... and he died for it. It's indeed a tragedy., but the truth is clear - he deserved what he got ... regardless of what color he was.

Related video:

Update: Radio host and Fox News contributor David Webb just reported that of the 61 people arrested in the Ferguson rioting last night ... 58 were from the Ferguson community. In other words only 3 were outsiders - the exact opposite of the "outside agitator" narrative pushed by the liberal media and politicos. This fact speaks volumes about the culture of the Ferguson community.

Suggested reads:
Darren Wilson on why he shot Michael Brown
Mark Levin On Ferguson: "What We Are Witnessing Now Is The Left's War On Civil Society"
A Look at the Destruction After Ferguson Riots

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November 23, 2014


I've read Bill Whittle for a long time. Fifteen, maybe twenty years. Flight is his passion and his love. I can confidently say that this tragedy was very hard on him personally. He uses the words "heartbreaking thought" near the end. Bill would have lived that heartbreaking thought and learning sadly the lesson, was able to make this video for those like my son, a pilot, who need to understand.

"There's a demon in the skies over the Mojave Desert, and it's taken another life and another vehicle. In his latest Firewall, Bill Whittle draws on his experience as a pilot to help unravel the psychology of the presumed pilot error behind the crash of Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo."

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About Hussein Obama's Black Curtain - Operation Resolute Support

You know what I am talking about. That curtain that we "should" always peek behind to find out what this administration really has up it's sleeve! Seems our withdrawal from Afghanistan has a new rewrite which conveniently is only being found out about after the elections. One wonders how many more seats this might have cost the democrats had it been known before.

NY Times - In a Shift, Obama Extends U.S. Role in Afghan Combat

President Obama decided in recent weeks to authorize a more expansive mission for the military in Afghanistan in 2015 than originally planned, a move that ensures American troops will have a direct role in fighting in the war-ravaged country for at least another year.

Mr. Obama's order allows American forces to carry out missions against the Taliban and other militant groups threatening American troops or the Afghan government, a broader mission than the president described to the public earlier this year, according to several administration, military and congressional officials with knowledge of the decision. The new authorization also allows American jets, bombers and drones to support Afghan troops on combat missions. More here.

5-27-14 "Today I'd like to update the American people on the way forward in Afghanistan, and how this year we will bring America's longest war to a responsible end."

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What does #Vodkapundit know and when did he first know it?

Stephen Green aka VodkaPundit - is a conservative! I swear it! Yet, he seems to have some insider information that no conservative could or should know! WHAT you say!

Harry Reid will be back running the senate come January!
Quote - "I read somewhere last week that the Senate has refused to vote on over 300 bills the House sent over, lots with bipartisan support, so it sounds like that Harry Reid is really going to have his hands full when he comes back to run the Senate in January!"

The only way that could happen, according to law - well, it cannot happen! Unless VPundit has gotten wind that Hussein Obama plans on pulling out of his thorny crown another illegal executive action just because he thinks he can!

Absurd? Not really. Not after Thursday's (what Mark Levin calls) silent coup.

So this citizen demands of VP to know - are you just treating us to a bit of your sarcasm - or - WHAT do you know and when did you first know it? Perhaps you'all can figure it out from his article...

From Stephen Green's Vodkapundit - An Open Letter

Dear Mr. President,

I find it curious that immigration was an issue of such pressing importance that it required immediate (and dare I say unprecedented?) action on your part, and yet so trivial that you couldn't be bothered to address the nation. "Bad optics," as they say in your biz. Still, I hope you enjoy your stay in Las Vegas this weekend -- it's lovely there this time of year.

One of those British newspapers I read online, you know the one with all the stories about busty celebrities barely wearing fancy clothes? Anyway, they were nice enough to publish a lot of what you said last night, and there was some good stuff in there. I really like that part where you told illegal... excuse me, undocumented migrants that "if you register, pass a criminal background check, and you're willing to pay your fair share of taxes -- you'll be able to apply to stay in this country temporarily, without fear of deportation." That sounds to me like smart policy, the kind of thing we could probably all agree on. Maybe it would have been smarter if you had saved it for your State of the Union address a few weeks from now, when you would have had the new Congress to work with, and everybody would have had the holiday vacation to settle down and cool off and stuff?

Anyway, when you get back to DC to work more on rewriting our immigration laws, which sounds like lonely work by the way, maybe you could answer a couple of questions I have about the Constitution. I understand that you were once almost nearly a constitutional law professor, so I think you can help me.

You keep using this phrase "if Congress refuses to act," and I keep wondering,"If Congress refuses whom?" I'm not one of those Tea Party racists who carries a tiny version of the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence or whatever in his pants pocket all the time, but I did pull up a copy of it online, and I don't see anything in there about you being able to demand anything of Congress. It doesn't even say here that you're allowed to introduce your own bills. And then you said that thing that the House refuses to vote on a Senate bill, but I also don't see anything in here that says the Senate can demand anything from the House or vice versa. They both have to agree on the same stuff without any demands at all, and then you have to sign it and then it's a new law. Or did I miss something? Anyway, I read somewhere last week that the Senate has refused to vote on over 300 bills the House sent over, lots with bipartisan support, so it sounds like that Harry Reid is really going to have his hands full when he comes back to run the Senate in January! So if you could clear that up for me, that would be great. Continue here.

Viva Las Vegas y'all!

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White House weekly address - the "change" we have all been waiting for

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November 20, 2014

GruberGate - the best of

From American Digest:

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Uber glitch in Hussein Obama's "I Have Evolved" speech tonight...

Major Networks Not Airing Obama's Immigration Speech

Despite the great significance of Barack Obama's planned executive action on immigration reform, the four major television broadcast networks are not planning to cover the president's Thursday night address where he is expected to announce his plan.

ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX have all indicated they won't break their planned programming to cover Obama's 8 p.m. ET speech.

On another note - Friday night in Las Vegas - I don't believe I want to be on the streets there.

Illegal immigrants wait for fates at watch parties for Obama's amnesty speech

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The reluctant Uber President Hussein Obama

It must be difficult being President. Spouting a strong position over and over only to trash/evolve said position in the blink of an eye/lie.

22 Times President Obama Said He Couldn't Ignore or Create His Own Immigration Law

If you are not one for following links, this video pulls a few of the 22 together.

But flip-flopping on the Constitution is to be expected of politicians - if only "temporarily?"

The immigration order is expected to grant temporary amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants through "prosecutorial discretion," under which the administration will simply refuse to charge and deport them. They are also expected to obtain temporary legal status, though not citizenship.

This liberal must be one of the "stupid." Video H/T Bunkerville

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November 18, 2014

IN YOUR FACE AMERICA! You WILL have amnesty whether you like it or not! Plus a bonus! Ebola - from MEXICO!

Soon to surface I would imagine, a memo from Hussein Obama - "Dear American citizens - please don't take this personally - but I have warned before - 'If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun!'"

And here we are. It seems as if Hussein Obama has now imported the third Ebola victim in nine days. The one yesterday - from Mexico! And as the hour grows closer when the jihadist-in-chief will grant amnesty to millions of illegals one would think that bringing an Ebola victim in from Mexico would be a politically suicidal move on his part. Unfortunately for this country it looks as if we are to get a taste of his ability to double down on EVIL!

Gifts from the god who just keeps on giving:
#1 An illegal African Immigrant from Gran Canaria Spain on November 9th
#2 A patient from West Africa on November 15; Dr Martin Salia - now DEAD.
Waiting for his evacuation - "Still, the doctors tried to give Salia special treatment. They checked on him every hour. They let him spend time with patients who were soon to be released, rather than those in the ward, who writhed in their own filth."
#3 Unknown Mexican patient yesterday 11/17/14

At the rate of one every three days we should have about 20 patients being treated by Christmas! Of course there is the very real possibility that a few health care providers might contract the "disease."

And there is this. Mexico has just put 400 Doctors through training for "an eventual case of Ebola" but we rushed right in and grabbed the person instead of letting the Mexican's treat him. You are floored, right?


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November 17, 2014

What on earth would Hussein Obama do without his teleprompters and the grapevine?

Ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall, ninety-nine bottles of beer - take one down, pass it around, ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall. Ninety-eight bottles of beer on the wall, ninety-eight bottles of beer - take one down...........

Ed Henery: Did you mislead Americans about the taxes, about keeping your plan, in order to get the bill passed?
Hussein Obama: "No. I, I did not. Uh, I, I just heard about this...."

Mark Steyn a few days before the elections wrote -

Our hearts go out to him, poor wee disillusioned thing. We are assured by the headline writers that the president was "unaware" of Obamacare's website defects, and the NSA spying, and the IRS targeting of his political enemies, and the Justice Department bugging the Associated Press, and pretty much anything else you ask him about. But, as he put it, "nobody's madder than me" at this shadowy rogue entity called the "Government of the United States" that's running around pulling all this stuff. And, once he finds out who's running this Government of the United States rogue entity, he's gonna come down as hard on him as he did on that videomaker in California; he's gonna send round the National Park Service SWAT team to teach that punk a lesson he won't forget. - read here - A Phalanx of Lies

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Let's just put the TV in the toilet!

My current TV is probably ten or more years old. I suspect it is not nearly as "smart" as the new c*** coming out. It's only purpose is to periodically watch a movie. Potentially it will last for many more years.

However, I am considering buying another just for spite. I shall locate it in the bathroom pointed directly at the toilet and leave it on 24/7 with the exception of the time I have need to use that room at which point I shall turn it off, cover it with a cloth and only uncover and turn it on when exiting.

From Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law - I'm Terrified of My New TV: Why I'm Scared to Turn This Thing On -- And You'd Be, Too

I just bought a new TV. The old one had a good run, but after the volume got stuck on 63, I decided it was time to replace it. I am now the owner of a new "smart" TV, which promises to deliver streaming multimedia content, games, apps, social media, and Internet browsing. Oh, and TV too.

The only problem is that I'm now afraid to use it. You would be too -- if you read through the 46-page privacy policy.

The amount of data this thing collects is staggering. It logs where, when, how, and for how long you use the TV. It sets tracking cookies and beacons designed to detect "when you have viewed particular content or a particular email message." It records "the apps you use, the websites you visit, and how you interact with content." It ignores "do-not-track" requests as a considered matter of policy.

It also has a built-in camera -- with facial recognition. The purpose is to provide "gesture control" for the TV and enable you to log in to a personalized account using your face. On the upside, the images are saved on the TV instead of uploaded to a corporate server. On the downside, the Internet connection makes the whole TV vulnerable to hackers who have demonstrated the ability to take complete control of the machine.

More troubling is the microphone. The TV boasts a "voice recognition" feature that allows viewers to control the screen with voice commands. But the service comes with a rather ominous warning: "Please be aware that if your spoken words include personal or other sensitive information, that information will be among the data captured and transmitted to a third party." Got that? Don't say personal or sensitive stuff in front of the TV.

You may not be watching, but the telescreen is listening. Continue here.

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The burkaless woman

In a day and age when too many are afraid to stand up for what they believe, this woman was afraid. And she stood up anyway.

From WND - Christian booted from National Cathedral speaks out

It was supposed to be a shining moment for proponents of the interfaith movement.

The Islamic "jummah," or Friday call to prayer, would be held on America's grandest Christian stage - the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.

It was a bold move that had never been tried. Leaders of the Episcopal cathedral said sending prayers up to Allah from a Christian church would show the world that two religions at odds with each other for centuries could "approach the same God" as one body of believers.

The stage was set. The prayer rugs were neatly arranged facing Mecca. The lights shone down on the imam for his opening remarks.

Not so fast.

Christine Weick, a 50-year-old Michigan woman with flowing blonde hair who lives out of her car, rose from the packed National Cathedral, the hall of halls in terms of religious prominence in America, and moved toward the front of the church.

She pointed to the cross hanging overhead.

That cross seemed to be the one thing nobody wanted to look at, she told WND Saturday in an exclusive interview.

The Muslims had set up their prayer rugs in such a way that their backs were turned on the cross, which they consider an alien religious symbol. Jesus was a prophet but was not the son of God and never died on a Roman cross, according to Muslim teaching. Yet, they found themselves staring at a woman who demanded the cross become the center of attention. She then blurted out the message she had traveled all the way from Tennessee to deliver.

"Jesus Christ died on that cross. He is the reason we are to worship only Him. Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior," she said. "We have built ...allowed you your mosques in this country. Why don't you worship in your mosques and leave our churches alone? We are a country founded on Christian principles."

She immediately heard voices in the crowd yelling for security. Continue here.

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