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November 29, 2012

'Socialists Outline Democrat's Agenda for Next Two Years'

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communist-party-obama-logo-275x275.jpgTrevor Loudon has a piece today that points out that contrary to popular opinion, the US Democratic Party does not set much of its own policy, it's actually dictated by the labor unions and radical think tanks, such as the Center for American Progress, and the Institute for Policy Studies. Given what's happening to America under the reign of Barack Obama, the rapid turn toward socialism and the agenda of the unions and the radical left ... the hard turn away from capitalism, the free market, and individual freedoms and responsibility, it's clear that today's Democratic Party is no longer the party of Truman or Kennedy, but the party of Marx, Lenin, Alinsky and Gramsci.

The net effect on America's current and future prosperity, individual freedoms, liberties, and standing in the world is is a sharp left turn away from what was once the land of Lincoln to become more like a land most Americans always feared becoming..

Loudon writes:

The unions are dominated by the US's largest Marxist organization Democratic Socialists of America -- which also works closely with the C.A.P. and I.P.S.

So, by a process of osmosis and deliberate orchestration, D.S.A., and their friends in the Communist Party USA, effectively dictate Democrat policy at state and national levels.

On November 16, the Democratic Socialists of America National Political Committee released After the Election: Keep Fighting, a blueprint for DSA action and priorities for the first segment of Obama's second term.

It is basically a guide to action for long time DSA ally Barack Obama and the Democratic Party, over the next two years.

Diverting money from the military to social spending will be a huge part of the agenda. After all, a strong US military is the major block to world revolution.

The push will be towards universal socialist healthcare and an economy wrecking Financial Transactions Tax.

Ending poverty through massive re-distribution will be a big focus ... capitalizing on the 50th anniversary of DSA founder Michael Harrington's famous book "The Other America," which helped to launch Lyndon Johnson's catastrophic and completely counter productive "War on Poverty" in the mid-1960s.

Students will be manipulated with promises of loan forgiveness. There will be a huge push for immigration reform. DSA leader Eliseo Medina, a leader of the movement, has openly boasted that this will mean eight million more Democrat Party votes.

Read the whole thing. Loudin goes on to point out tactics to be used by these people to enact their agenda ... tactics that we've already seen in the 2012 election. The old rules of fair play no longer apply. The modern Dems will lie, cheat, steal elections and viciously demonize their opposition at every opportunity. Republicans are no longer fighting old line Democrats. They are effectively battling D.S.A, the Communist Party and the labor unions. The Democrats have become nothing more than a front for the Marxists.

Anyone doubting any of the above should take note of the fact that the very first people Barack Obama met with to lay the groundwork for the post-election battle over the 'fiscal cliff' was 11 leaders of progressive and labor groups.

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Posted by Hyscience at November 29, 2012 11:56 AM

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